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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Khevsureti through Google Earth

A bigger image here Image by Google Earth

Google Earth is a really exiting adventure, I spent the whole sunday with it...

I tried to locate some villages in Khevsureti (and also Tusheti). I am not sure about the right places of Dshuta (Juta) and of Shatili, because the landmarks (rivers) repeat close on other places. Maybe both villages are set a bit too far north. Buildings itself can not yet been detected/seen quite good with that resolution, but for Shatili one might almost sense. I am quite sure about Roshka and Arkhoty.

This summer I could take a GPS device there and feed the data into Google Earth, then it should be the more likely locations.

Google Earth is free. You can download it here. It takes a short while to become familiar with all the buttons of the interface. But then, it's fun !

Khevsurs a topic at Wikipedia

Photo via Wikipedia, Khevsurs ca. 1910

Not a long time ago, there was nothing to find on Khevsureti and the Khevsurs on Wikipedia, but now there is: and of course anybody can add content and edit.

Archil Kikodze wrote a nice article on CENN, "Legends of Khevsureti"


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