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Friday, September 21, 2007

B&B Jago Arabuli in Dshuta

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B&B Jago Arabuli in Dshuta, Jago opened a small B&B in his house. Perfect for 6 guests, shower, great view and hospitality. Dshuta is a famous entrance to Khevsureti via the Arkhoty Pass or via the Roshka Pass. From Kazbegi goes a road to Dshuta of 18 km. Recommended time for stays: End of May- End of October. For bookings contact me at

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mountain network Bed & Breakfast

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Dshuta (Juta) call in advance 00995 99 533239 or ask in the village for Jago Arabuli

Shatili call in advance 00995 77 729362 or ask in the village for Vasha Chincharauli

Korsha (behind Barissakho) ask for Shota Arabuli

Roshka ask for Ivane Tsiklauri

Ardoti ask for Murgvar Ardoteli

Cesho ask for Murtazi

Cesho ask for Bakuri

Zemo Alvani and Dartlo call in advance 00995 99 964839 or ask for Manana Idoidze

Shenako ask for Kako

Indurta ask for Irakli Papashvili

Ninigori (3km before Lagodekhi) call in advance 00995 93 344615 or ask for Simoni Nareshelashvili

Prices may change, ask in advance


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