Another world in Georgia Caucasus

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Khevsureti is a region in the north of Georgia, Caucasus, wich is inhabited since hundreds of years by the people called Khevsurs. The Khevsurs are with no doubt Georgians and they are orthodox christians with a lot of pre-christian archaic traditions in their life and religion. The famous German ethnologe Gustav Radde travelled Khevsureti in 1876 and after and published 1878 a book "The Khevsurs and their homeland " in wich he first collected all available
information about the Khevsurs and their beautiful homeland. (Radde, Gustav, Die Chewsuren und ihr Land . Kassel, 1878.)
I met the Khevsurs first in Autumn 1996, when a Khevsur Jago Arabuli happend to
be the "Tamada" in a feast in Telavi in Eastern Georgia, Kakheti. What did I wonder, when "my" first Khevsur spoke fluently German to me. We got immediatly friends and since that I am a friend of Khevsureti and his unique people. I want to thank all Khevsurs, wich I met during the last years, wich helped me in various situations, wich had been hospital to me on any occasion.

Khevsurian friends


Lagaza from Dshuta (sometimes written Juta)

Sumbata from Roshka

Murgwar from Ardoti with one of his daughters

Vasha and his brother Kviria from Shatili

At Atengenoba-feast Roshka

A Khevsur with his traditional Dshokha


. said...

Is your name Grijsz or Hans?
I never can figure it out.

Wuld be alright if I made some sketches of these photos, put them up on my blog, and linked them to you?

Many thanks.

. said...

I got a sketch out of you at my drawing blog, just thought I would let you know.

M.Wellyan said...

I ever heard that the Khevsurs are thought to possibly be direct descendants of a party of crusaders who got separated from a larger army and have remained in isolation with some of the crusader culture intact. Is that true?

shako said...

No its not true, it was incorrect opinion of Ziserman,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

est ce que quelqu'un connait ce livre en allemand ou en fran├žais SVP ???????"The khevsurs and their homeland" 1878


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